Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer 2011 Highlights

It has been a fun summer! Last summer we were enjoying a colicky baby and this summer we are enjoying a happy fun loving toddler. So yea, this summer has been much more fun! Plus, we get to go out and do fun things together as a family without worrying about our newborn overheating. This will be more of a bullet point recap to our summer, and I will try to go in order.

Over Memorial Day weekend we had her second 1st bday party in O'Fallon with my family. We had an outdoor pool party at Mimi's and the weather was perfect for it! Here she is enjoying her naturally sweetened sugar free cake! Yummy!

While in O'Fallon I did a lot of bird watching. These robins built a nest at my mom's and I got to watch them all week long. I loved it! It reminded me of when my baby was a newborn and she would root and open her mouth and look like a baby bird. Mamas and babies of any species are so neat to watch after you have your own. They flew off the day after I left.

Baby Girl with her Uncles Memorial Day weekend

My happy girl enjoying some spaghetti! One of her favorite meals!

At Memphis Pizza Cafe with daddy for Father's Day!

Father's Day 2011! That daddy sure does love his little girl!

Playing in her kiddy pool at Grammy's and Papa John's! This girl loves water!

A visit from my good friend Rachelle! So great to see her!

About to go on a date for my birthday. I turned 28 this year. Grammy watched the baby while my husband and I went to one of our favorite Italian restuarants, and of course Muddy's for dessert.

Over 4th of July weekend we went to Marion to see my second family and my bestest friend in the world, Annie Leigh. She has three kiddos that are soooo precious. Our kids had fun playing together and it was great to catch up. Thanks to her parents for hosting all of us! An extra bonus is that Baby Girl had just started walking on July 1st so they all got to see it!

Playing with Papa John. He was gone most of the summer working for FEMA and it is so great to have him home to play with Baby Girl!

Mimi came to visit in July and we went to the zoo. We love the giraffes so of course we went to see them. And this was the first time we had been to the zoo since she had been walking so she and I played in the "geysers" at Teton Trek. She loved it!

We ended the summer with a family trip to Oregon for a family reunion, which will be another post. That about wraps up our summer! It was a great one!