Here you can find websites that I have found really useful, as well as links to posts about various books and DVD's about pregnancy, labor, and parenting that I have found useful. Hope its helpful!


Ask Dr. Sears, Tons of info. Everything from sicknesses and common questions to breastfeeding, attachment parenting, sleep, acid reflux, anything you can think of.
Gentle Christian Mothers A different perspective on child-rearing than most moms have thought about, especially Christian moms. More of an attached perspective within a biblical framework. Love this site, tons of great resources and tools!
Mothering A great resource for natural and attachment parenting. A great community forum tool on this site too.
Whole Heart Online Keeping faith in the family. A ministry of Clay and Sally Clarkson about parenting. A very relational perspective and tons of resources on discipling your children and pointing them to Christ.
My Best Birth Great place to start when you are researching natural vs. medicated childbirth. They also have a great documentary that is very eye-opening and very informative.
La Leche League International THE place to go for breastfeeding help and resources. Breastfeeding is hard but LLL is a great place to find help, and to also find a local chapter and consultant.
Best for Babes -Giving Breastfeeding a Makeover. A great place to go to find help with the common "booby traps" that can cause you problems with breastfeeding. A great support system can be find at this site.
Grace Based Parenting Creating an atmosphere of grace in your parenting. Lots of books and resources on this site.

(Although I love all of these websites I cannot attest for everything they say, write, teach. I don't agree with everything that is taught on any of these sites most likely, but I agree with a lot, so that is why I posted them. Please use discernment and prayer as you look into anything and always take it through the lens of Scripture)

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