About This Blog

A Disclaimer:
Okay, this may come as no surprise to many, but I have lots of “issues” I am passionate about. I try to be an activist for lots of platforms and social issues, as well as mommy topics that I am passionate about. And I am also pretty opinionated. So I have been hesitant about blogging because I don’t want to offend anyone. But, be forewarned, try as I might not to offend you, you will probably be offended at some point if you regularly read my blog. So I apologize in advance.
I believe the things I do because I believe they are right, otherwise I wouldn’t believe them. And I am passionate about my beliefs. And I am in the minority about most of my beliefs. First of all, I am a follower of Jesus and He is the “issue” I am most passionate about. I want to know Him and make Him known. I want others who know Him to be passionate about making Him known and I get frustrated with other followers who are not passionate about this. I am trying to grow in giving grace to these other followers of Jesus, but I think the bible is pretty clear that we are to share our faith and make disciples and this should be a natural overflow from knowing Him.
Since I have become a mom I have become very passionate about things I never knew existed. I never knew about Attachment Parenting before I was pregnant but now I am very passionate about it. Although I would consider myself a modified AP, it is the parenting philosophy and category I most fit into. I am very passionate about breastfeeding and babywearing and responding lovingly to the needs of your baby. Also, since becoming a mom I have been very concerned about the food I eat and feed my child. So I have recently begun diving into the world of organic foods. I am still very new to this, but very much interested in learning more and applying what I learn. I have recently learned about the dangers of household cleaners and cosmetics and have become very passionate about this also. I am in the process of switching all of our cosmetics over to more green, safe, non-toxic alternatives. And since I have been pregnant I have been using completely safe, non-toxic, green cleaning supplies from Better Life.
So if you follow my blog you will read a little bit about my family and my baby, and a lot about my “issues” that I am passionate about, and I am sure other random things that I come across and find interesting. And who knows, I may find other “issues” along the way that end up getting more of my attention.
Who am I? First, I am a follower of Jesus. Then, I am a wife and mom. So most of all my blogging will deal with these roles that I cherish and love. And you probably won’t agree with all of my beliefs or “issues” and that is okay. My very best friend and I are VERY different in our parenting styles and we just agree to disagree. Although I still think I’m right and she’s wrong. :) haha
I try really hard to be open-minded to what others believe but I am not very good at it. I am really trying to grow in this though, I promise. Just being honest here.  I pray that I will continue to grow in grace and extend more freedom to others for their beliefs and philosophies, but hey…I believe what I believe because I think it is right. Don’t we all?
So anyway, that is my disclaimer. And if you can’t tell…I am very long winded.
So read away, and even subscribe to my blog if you want.
But consider yourself warned. :)