Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life Right now...and why I haven't been blogging, and Books

You may have noticed that my blogs have been very infrequent. Well, for one thing, Baby Girl is down to one nap. I used to blog during one nap and spend time with God or do house work during the other. But now that she is down to one I really have to prioitize my time, and blogging isn't usually at the top of the list.

Also, we are basically down to one computer. My laptop is so slow I hate using it and at night my hubby is on the desktop working on his side business of coffee. So, I've been reading a lot instead.

I just finished up...

Great book. Love all of Joel's stuff! Great political, prophetic, Christian fiction

I think everyone has heard enough about this book by now, but if you haven't read it, read it!

Ah-mazing! I don't usually read best sellers but this was incredible. Should be mandatory reading for all followers of Jesus! Totally encouraged and challenged my husband and I to live more missional biblical lives.

Yea, so I am a big Swayze fan. My favorite movie used to be Dirty Dancing when I was a kid but since I've grown up and really understand the movie I can't really watch it because it is too sensual and sexy for my liking. But that is why everyone loves it and it launched his career huh? Anyway, I wanted to read his biography. I get sad every time I think about him dying at such a young age of pancreatic cancer, especially since he didn't ever claim to know Christ. A true tragedy indeed. But a great book!

Currently reading:

So good. I am learning so much about how to truly personalize the gospel, preach it to myself, and practical ways to share the gospel with baby girl in how I train her up and correct her. Must read for all parents!

Really great book. I struggle with blowing it when I try to explain my faith with my family. This is a truly great book for sharing about Jesus with family, friends, and anyone really.

Well, that is about it for me. Baby Girl is keeping me busy and we are really enjoying being outside in this beautiful weather so the last thing I want to do is sit inside on a computer. Please forgive me. I do have like 20 ideas for blogs that are started, but it might have to wait until winter. In the meantime, feel free to browse through the archives. :)