Friday, February 26, 2016

Charlotte Mason Kindergarten, Year .5

Here's a little glimpse into a weekly homeschool schedule that we aim for and use as a guide. We rarely stick to it perfectly, but it helps me to stay a little more disciplined and have some sort of a plan. With the Charlotte Mason method kindergarten isn't a formal schooling year, but we still like to have some structure around here or we all go crazy. So here's a little bit of our Year .5, or Charlotte Mason Kindergarten, with a 3 year old and 1 year old in the mix.

To get a basic understanding on the Charlotte Mason method, start here. 

To see what we aimed for last year, read this.

And to read about a typical day last year for "preschool" read this blog.

Homeschool Rhythm 2015-2016

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Morning 8-1

Breakfast & Bible 30
Free Play 30
Breakfast & Bible 30
Free Play 30
Breakfast & Bible 30
Free Play 30
Breakfast & Bible 30
Free Play 30
Free Play 30
B: Read and Write 30m  
Family Circle Time 30
B: Math 20
B: Read and Write 30m  
Family Circle Time 30m
B: Math 20m
(Family Circle Time)
Nature Study 1h
Masterly Inactivity  
Fine Arts Time 1h
Masterly Inactivity  
Nature, handicrafts, games, outings
Lunch, Literature 30
Foreign Language 30
Lunch, Literature 30m
Lunch, Literature 30

Lunch, Literature 30m
Foreign Language 30m
Lunch 30m
Nap/Rest 1-3:30
B: Literature and Devo 30m, Rest and Art 1.5h
B: Nature Book and Devo 30m, Rest and Art 1.5h
B: Literature and Devo 30m, Rest and Art 1.5h
B: Christian biography Book and Devo 30m, Rest and Art 1.5h

Afternoon 3:30-6

(Dinner Prep 5pm)->>
Masterly Inactivity

Tea Time: 30m

Masterly Inactivity
Masterly Inactivity

Evening 6-8

Bedtime Stories
Community Group



Bedtime Stories
Family Devotional

Bible: Bible reading, Catechism, Hymn, Scripture Memory 
Family Circle Time: Songs for Sapplings, Cultures & Church History, Prayer, Calendar and Weather, Clock, 1-2 Stories, Preschool for A&E, Folk Song
Preschool: Color, Shape, Number, Letter
Tea Time: Picture Study or Composer Study, Poetry
Fine Arts Time: Piano & Music, Art Learning, (Ballet)
Family Devotional: Catechism, Cultures, Hymn Study

Math Fun: Clock, Calendar, Money, Measurement, Abacus, Counting Bears, Tanagrams, Pattern Blocks, Magnet Blocks, Duplo, Numbers
Toddler/Fun Activities:  Puzzles, Lacing, Magnet Dolls, Playdough, Coloring Books, Painting, Learning Toys (shapes, numbers, letters)

Books We Are Using

Homeschool/Discipling Spring 2016

Bible: Catherine Vos Story Bible
Scripture Memory: The Lord’s Prayer, Songs for Saplings, review Psalm 23
Devotional: The Ology (Brooklyn), The Biggest Story (Annalise)
Other Bible: Jesus Storybook Bible, Christian storybooks, Buck Denver, Lamplighter
Catechism: New City Catechism
Hymn: cycle 2
Cultures: country through the alphabet, prayercast, Window to the World
Church History: A to Z Church History, Crossway
Picture Study: Winslow Homer
Composer: Bach
Folk Songs: Down by the Bay, She’ll Be Coming
Language Arts: Delightful Reading, Delightful Handwriting
Math: Calendar, clock, measurement, addition, subtraction, multiplication, basic geometry fun, money
Poetry: A.A. Milne
Music: First Steps in Music, Music for Little Mozarts (piano)
Foreign Language: Little Pim or Signing Time
Literature: A.A. Milne, Beatrix Potter, various classics
Cultures book: All the Children of the World
Nature Book: James Herriot’s Treasury
Audio: Lamplighter Theatre
Worship: Seeds Family Worship, Rain for Roots, Hymns

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