Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Favorite Charlotte Mason resources so far... January 2015

I am desperately trying to remember where I first heard about the Charlotte Mason method but I am drawing a blank. It may have been a neighbor that loaned me the book, For the Children's Sake, or it may have been through my friend Lacy, or it may have been through Sally Clarkson's ministry. It was probably one of those, so thank you to those mentioned above. :)

Since finding out about Charlotte Mason I have found some of my favorite websites and resources to teach me and guide me as I learn and develop as a Charlotte Mason homeschooler. 

Charlotte Mason Resources:

Getting Started with CM
Transitioning to CM
Curriculum options that follow/support the Charlotte Mason method
Helpful Websites
Recommended Books:
Facebook Groups
CM Early Years (preschool/kindergarten  Year 0, Year .5)

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